3D Sign Printing

In the near future, advancements in technology, such as large format 3D printers, will revolutionize the way marketing and advertising are conducted, as well as how themed environments are created. These printers will allow for the production of super-sized objects for various purposes, including retail displays, events, and architectural designs, without the limitations of traditional manufacturing methods.

One potential application is in the signage and retail industry, where 3D printed objects can serve as attention-grabbing features. These objects can be made with great strength due to the perimeter structure that evenly distributes loads and the infill that helps distribute stress, resulting in prints that are strong in compression and can withstand some tension, depending on the infill rate used.


Types of 3D Printing

Illuminated Sign

Illuminated signs are an effective way to attract attention to your business around the clock, as they can be seen both day and night. By using bright, eye-catching signage, you can increase your visibility and deliver your marketing message 24/7, helping you stand out in a crowded area. Paxart Printing can assist you in creating illuminated signs that will help your business get noticed.

Fabricated and Moulded Sign

We offer the option to create corporate signs using more versatile and cost-effective methods, such as fabrication or molding with specific tooling. In addition, they offer a wide range of regular aluminum materials that can be used for various types of signs, including pylon signs, sky signs, bulkhead signs, and shopfront signs.

LED Sign

When selecting an LED sign, it is important to choose a reliable company and ensure that the digital technology used is of high quality in order to get the best performance and lifespan. Paxart Printing offers a range of indoor and outdoor digital signs, including gas price signs, sports video displays, and fixed-digit scoreboards, that are known for their vibrant images, reliable performance, and excellent color uniformity.

Way Finding Signs

Wayfinding design involves creating signs that help guide people through an environment. MidAtlantic Global offers a range of wayfinding signs that combine color and other elements, such as lighting and architecture, to effectively lead people to their destinations. These signs can be a valuable tool in helping people navigate unfamiliar spaces.

NEON Signs

Neon signs can add a unique and eye-catching element to a business, with their combination of nostalgia and futuristic appearance. These signs are particularly effective at attracting attention, both during the day and at night. MidAtlantic Global offers neon signs with beautiful contour cut backings and a high-end finish. They have years of experience creating custom neon signs to meet the specific visions of their customers.

Signages Signs

Signage printing is a crucial process for meeting the many needs of businesses that want to make a strong impression. MidAtlantic Global can handle the entire signage printing project, including the creation of high-quality graphics. They offer a range of options and approaches to ensure that your business stands out.